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Embracing Education Freedom: Homeschooling Programs in Oregon

July 16, 2023

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Welcome to an exciting journey toward educational freedom! If you're considering homeschooling your child in Oregon, you've come to the right place. Homeschooling offers a unique opportunity for parents to take control of their child's education, providing flexibility and personalized learning experiences. This blog post will explore the ins and outs of starting homeschooling programs in Oregon, ensuring you have the knowledge and resources to embark on this rewarding path.

As you dive into the world of homeschooling, connecting with like-minded individuals and accessing valuable resources is crucial. The Great Homeschool Conventions hosts events throughout the United States, including Oregon, where you can gather information, attend workshops, and meet other homeschooling families.

How to Start Homeschooling Programs in Oregon

To begin homeschooling programs in Oregon, understand the laws, choose a suitable curriculum, notify authorities, and seek support from local organizations and online communities. Familiarize yourself with state regulations and comply with educational requirements. Select a homeschooling method and curriculum tailored to your child's needs. Notify the appropriate authorities and submit the necessary paperwork. Connect with local organizations and online communities for resources and guidance. Establish a schedule and realistic goals to facilitate a successful experience for new homeschoolers.

Oregon Homeschooling Laws, HSLDA

Homeschooling laws are in place to ensure that families can educate their children at home while maintaining educational standards.

According to the HSLDA, parents must notify their local school district of their intent to homeschool. This notification should include basic information about the parents and the child and an outline of the educational plan. Parents can begin their homeschooling journey once the notification is submitted and approved.

Oregon's homeschooling laws offer flexibility and freedom to families, empowering them to choose between personalized curricula or accredited online programs. Along with fulfilling the legal requirements, such as maintaining educational records and participating in assessments or evaluations, parents can access support and resources through homeschool associations, co-ops, and organizations like the Oregon Home Education Network (OHEN) or the Christian Home Education Association Network (OCEANetwork). These networks can help you get started on your journey to traditional homeschooling or something more specific like online Christian homeschooling programs.

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Notification / Letter of Intent to Homeschool

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When starting your homeschooling programs in Oregon, it is crucial, to begin with the proper notification or letter of intent to homeschool. This document is your official communication with the local school district, informing them of your decision to educate your child at home and contribute to their educational progress.

The notification should include important details such as the names and contact information of the parents, as well as the name and birthdate of the child. Additionally, you must outline your educational plan, including the subjects you plan to teach, the resources you will use, and any other pertinent information showcasing your commitment to providing quality education.

What are the best homeschooling programs in Oregon?

The best homeschooling programs in Oregon include Oregon Virtual Academy, Clonlara School, K12 International Academy, and public school. These programs offer a comprehensive curriculum, support from certified teachers, and a flexible learning environment to meet unique needs.

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Oregon Virtual Academy

Oregon Virtual Academy (ORVA) is a popular online program that provides a personalized curriculum tailored to each student's needs and learning style. ORVA offers a wide range of courses, including core subjects like math, science, language arts, and social studies, as well as electives and advanced placement options for high school students. With certified teachers available to provide instruction and support, ORVA ensures that students receive a quality education while being able to learn at their own pace.

Clonlara School

Clonlara School is another excellent homeschooling program in Oregon. Clonlara School offers a flexible and individualized approach to education, allowing students to learn at their own pace and according to their interests. They provide a customized curriculum that aligns with state standards while allowing families to explore various learning opportunities. The program also offers guidance from experienced educational consultants who work closely with parents to create an educational plan that suits their child's needs. For more information, please contact Clonlara School via email.

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K12 International Academy

K12 International Academy is a renowned private school homeschooling program available to families in Oregon. This program offers kindergarten to 12th-grade courses and follows an engaging and interactive curriculum. With the support of certified teachers, K12 International Academy ensures that students receive personalized attention and instruction. The program also provides opportunities for students to participate in virtual clubs and activities, fostering a sense of community and socialization even in a homeschooling setting.

Oregon Homeschooler Groups and Co-ops

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You may wonder how to enhance your homeschooling journey and connect with others in a similar situation. Homeschool groups and co-ops in Oregon offer many resources and benefits for homeschooling families, allowing you to build a strong support network. By joining a homeschool group or co-op, you can access various opportunities for socialization, enrichment activities, and sharing ideas with other homeschoolers.

Homeschool groups and co-ops provide an avenue to connect locally and build lasting relationships. These communities often organize field trips, specialized classes, and extracurricular activities for homeschoolers. Participating in these events allows your children to engage with peers, explore new subjects, and develop new skills. Additionally, joining a homeschool support group can provide valuable resources, guidance, and a sense of community for both parents and students.

Oregon Homeschool Field Trips

Discover the vast educational opportunities waiting to be explored on immersive field trips to middle schools, perfect for homeschool families seeking hands-on learning experiences beyond the traditional curriculum. From local museums, parks, and science centers to historical sites rich in heritage, these educational adventures allow homeschoolers to dive into subjects with excitement and wonder.

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Oregon Standardized Testing and Test Prep

Standardized testing and test preparation, including test results, are crucial aspects of homeschooling programs in Oregon. As homeschoolers, it's essential to understand and meet the state's guidelines for testing requirements, including the education service district. Students can confidently demonstrate their academic progress and excel in standardized tests through effective test preparation. By familiarizing themselves with the format and content, homeschoolers increase their chances of success. Online courses, practice tests, and various resources can support test preparation. Incorporating test prep into the curriculum ensures students are well-equipped to showcase educational achievements. Joining online homeschooling communities, such as Oregon Home Education Network (OHEN) or homeschool groups on Facebook, provides additional guidance and support for navigating standardized testing and test prep.

Oregon Unit Study Supplement

The Oregon Unit Study Supplement is a valuable resource for homeschooling families in Oregon. Allows parents to customize their child's education, allowing them to tailor it to their needs and interests. Choosing materials and resources that align with state standards and learning goals is important when building a homeschool curriculum. This can be helpful in this process, providing a comprehensive guide to incorporating history, geography, and culture into your curriculum. This supplement includes suggested reading lists, hands-on activities, and project ideas that can engage homeschool students in learning about their state.

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Online Curriculum for Homeschool, Afterschool, and Summer Use

Online curriculum options for homeschoolers, afterschoolers, and summer use provide flexibility and personalized learning opportunities in Oregon. Embracing online homeschooling programs is a convenient and effective way for homeschooled families to educate their children. These programs offer a comprehensive education covering core subjects and various extracurricular activities. When choosing the right online curriculum, it is important to consider your child's needs, goals, and learning style. Many homeschoolers have found success and satisfaction with online learning. Discover their inspiring stories and testimonials to enhance your journey.


Starting your homeschooling journey may seem overwhelming, but it can be a rewarding experience for parents and students with the right resources and support. From understanding laws to finding local homeschool associations and groups, several steps are involved in creating a successful homeschooling program. To guide you through this journey, explore the resources available at The Great Homeschool Convention and take the first step toward embracing educational freedom for your family.

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