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Steve Gowdy & Jason Christenson




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Steve Gowdy, Chief Evangelist and co-founder of Dual Advisors, combines his passion for homeschooling with a commitment to making higher education more accessible. With over seven years of experience as a Senior Christian University Administrator, he brings invaluable insight to education and leadership. As a seasoned entrepreneur and FAA Certified Pilot, Steve embodies a passionate spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. Married for 39 years and loves the Lord Jesus Christ, he is dedicated to empowering homeschoolers and serves as an inspiring figure in the community.

Jason Christenson, President and co-founder of Dual Advisors, is dedicated to enhancing college strategy and affordability for the homeschooling community. Having been homeschooled himself, Jason is not only a serial entrepreneur, inventor, author, and business consultant but also a passionate advocate for expanding educational opportunities and strategies. Although he was born and raised in Indiana, Jason Christenson now calls Minneapolis home, along with his beautiful wife, a rambunctious son, and two dogs.

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