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Stephanie Smith




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Stephanie began "teaching" the barefoot critters as a young girl on her family’s small Kansas farm. Today's audiences (usually) wear shoes and are captivated not by fences but by her artistry and authenticity in empowering others. After 25 years home educating five sons, Stephanie claims a testosterone survivor badge and is grateful her still-growing family of 16 (occasionally) seeks her advice. She led the founding of a K-12 homeschool cooperative and served as a founding board member of a University-Model School. With many years of experience teaching, writing curriculum, and mentoring teens as a theatre director, she possesses an ongoing passion to foster Christ-centered education and instill parents with confidence based on Biblical principles. Her messages and resources are rooted in Scripture, science, common sense, and personal experience – both success and failure. Stephanie encourages and equips people to think deeply, live intentionally, and engage fully in God’s grand story.

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