Pamela Prescott



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Ms. Prescott has spent the last 40 + years in education teaching from elementary school to the university, specializing in the areas of neuro-education, ethics and leadership development. Her very vocal passion is to consistently and positively impact those around her, providing them with pathways to discover sustainable ways to achieve goals, while supporting Christian families.

Her tenure in education is vast and spans positions of Christian School Board Chairman, classroom teacher, principal, faculty mentor, tutor, university instructor, university course evaluator, speaker, specialist in instructional strategic development, accreditation specialist/compliance director, educational therapist, curriculum editor/teaching manual contributor, and academic/life skills consultant. She is a requested keynote speaker and development trainer addressing ethically personal and organizational leadership, neurological-friendly instruction, academic professional development, and Biblically sound education.

During her 19 years of teaching at the university level, she is recognized as a Who’s Who in College Instruction & Student Engagement and received the, L.E. Chandler Award for excellence. Ms. Prescott has recently retired and moved to an adjunct teaching status and currently serves as an Instructional Coach, Education Therapist, and Director of Education for Manners of the Heart nonprofit, a Christian character training/emotional wellness, heart education curriculum.

Ms. Prescott is active in her community, teaching Bible study over the past 30 years, leading Women’s Retreats, working in a community support capacity developing learning pathways for foreign exchange students, and mentoring struggling students. Happily, she notes her life mantra is, “Always be learning and strive for excellence in the pursuit of God’s purpose in your life.”