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Kiri Jorgensen




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Kiri Jorgensen is the Publisher and Senior Editor at Chicken Scratch Books. She is also a writer, teacher, entrepreneur, wife, and mother. Her involvement in the world of children’s literature spans almost three decades from multiple angles. She taught in the public schools for 16 years where she specialized in gifted and rural education and implemented new teaching approaches in her classrooms of individuals. She has written and produced over 30 stage plays for kids, taught writing to kids and adults across the nation, and has been a leader in the writing and education worlds. She loves all books middle grade, but in her heart she is a teacher. Kiri chose to leave public education to focus on producing books and courses for kids because she saw the great need for quality, clean, traditional literature, and with her online courses, she still gets to teach kids too. She knew she was uniquely qualified to do this work and hasn’t looked back.

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