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Joey Mascio




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Joey Mascio is a comedian, certified life coach, and former middle school teacher and counselor who helps teens with self-confidence, social skills, and goals. He was a Disneyland performer and is currently in the weekend cast at ComedySportz in Provo, Utah. During his seven years as a middle school teacher, he volunteered to be the teacher in the discipline office. His principal thought he was crazy (and she was right, but for different reasons). That’s where he started coaching teens on confidence, social skills, and goals. He started his own private coaching practice and left teaching to pursue it full time in 2021. He is the creator of the new gamified mindset training app for teens, Sidekick to Hero, and host of the teen podcast, “Secrets for an Awesome Life.” He and his wife live in Salem, Utah with their four children, who are homeschooled.

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