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Jenna Coleman




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Jenna was inspired to start Graceful By Design during a time when organizing her personal and family life became absolutely crucial to getting through each day. Their son was diagnosed with epilepsy and after a year of medications failing to stop their son’s seizures as they reached over one hundred petit mal seizures in a day, their neurologist approved Caleb for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Ketogenic Diet program. This was not the fad keto diet. This medical keto program included putting their son on extremely high fat, low protein and low total carb ratios to be monitored regularly by the keto team. Every single meal would be measured to the tenth of a gram and each ingredient approved by the hospital. Caleb would need regular glucose and ketone monitoring, special supplements, and consistent tracking of his seizures. This program typically requires the patients to be on the program for a minimum of two years to have full seizure control. Five months into the program they have seen an incredible seizure reduction in Caleb, but they have a long way to go. They intend to continue using these tools to get through this busy time. In the early days of the diet, most of Jenna’s days were filled with calculating and planning the next meal, leaving little time for teaching, and taking care of the entire family. Jenna began implementing every organizational tool she could to get the time back to do the things she loves to do with her family. These tools have changed her life and her family’s life. Now with that extra time Jenna is determined to share these tools she has created with others in hopes of benefiting other families and people that feel like life is moving too fast for them to catch up. Graceful By Design was born with a dream to create elegant organization in everyday life. Jenna also believes in creating more efficiencies in education through connecting multiple subjects to learn in tandem with one another. She has seen such wonderful benefits from adding S.T.E.A.M. into a regular educational structure. S.T.E.A.M. Education is an approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics as access points for guiding student engagement, dialogue, and critical thinking. Many different educational disciplines go seamlessly together when the proper curriculum is created. This is exactly what she intended to do in creating her very first handwriting journal series. She merged art with science, geography or history to develop the fine motor skills needed to write cursive. Jenna believes that learning is about the process more than the content. She is convinced that developing a love for learning in a student provides them with one of the most important tools they will have in their lifetime. Jenna has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Villanova University, as well as a master’s degree in education from Benedictine University. Jenna has taught business in high school, but for the past five years she has been homeschooling her three children. Her passions include creating organizational tools for families, as well as curriculum that streamlines learning and makes it fun. Jenna hopes to help others with all that she has learned in her many journeys through life. She is in the process of writing a cookbook, additional supplemental curriculum resources, and she continues to design organizational products. Jenna loves to hear from her customers regarding product improvements, new products they would like to see gracefully designed, as well as examples of her products being used in everyday life!

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