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Debbie Gibson and Melanie Elsey




Special Tracks


Melanie Elsey began as a public school teacher and stepped out of the classroom to fulfill full time responsibilities at home. This included home educating their three children. She joined the staff of Christian Home Educators of Ohio (CHEO) in 1994 as a legislative liaison. She tracks the work of state agencies and Ohio General Assembly to provide oversight of state policies that may affect the freedom of families to home educate. She and her husband, John also serve on CHEO’s board of directors. Debbie Gibson and her husband (Dan) home educated their 9 children - graduating their youngest in 2022. They have served on CHEO’s board of directors since 2016 and previous to that as regional representatives . She has provided workshops statewide for families who are getting started in their home education journeys and serves as the administrator for multiple social media accounts.