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Christa Curtiss & Hillary Berry




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Christa Curtiss is a follower and lover of Jesus. Who has, together with her husband, worked in church and family ministry for the past 11 years. During that time she has served the local body as an elder, worship pastor, and children's director. As children’s director, Christa developed multiple child and youth ministry curricula for kids ages 4-17. All the while having her own babies and stepping into the gift of motherhood. Christa has experienced God speaking to kids and has watched them have profound encounters. She believes it is a privilege and honor to teach kids (of any age) to know the word of God and experience His presence and voice daily. Now, Christa has the honor of homeschooling her kids and running The Dearly Loved Company together with Hillary Berry. The Dearly Loved Company creates resources that help families encounter God, know his word and hear his voice from the oldest to the youngest! Hillary Berry is a follower and lover of Jesus. She is a wife and a mother of four amazing kids. She has served in prayer and worship ministry for over 10 years. Hillary is based out of South Haven, MI, where she homeschools all four of her kids and runs The Dearly Loved Company alongside Christa Curtiss. Hillary desires to see her family run with Jesus, hearing God's voice and encountering His presence daily. She lives a life of communion with the Father and depends on the Holy Spirit to help her and her husband lead, disciple, and raise up the next generation! It is the greatest gift to teach her children how to hear the voice of God, to know Him, and be known by Him! Hillary believes that God is breathing on Family in this hour and wants every ear to hear and every eye to see the goodness of the Lord no matter how old or young you are! Christa and Hillary lead workshops and speak for groups with the aim of encouraging and empowering parents as they raise, disciple, and educate the next generation and The Dearly Loved Company provides valuable resources that lead families into deeper understanding and experience of God.

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