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Anne and Steve Butler




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After receiving her Bachelor of Science degree from the College of Education at the University of Minnesota, Anne worked serving families and youth with special needs. Since marrying Steve, her husband of 37 years, they have together acquired over three decades of experience in parenting, family discipleship, and home education. Her love for sharing questions and conversations over the scriptures with their own family of nine children led Anne to author the new Bible study resource titled, "Feast Of Inquiry". This book assists individuals and parents in seeing and sharing the beauty of God through the scriptures with greater confidence and ease, particularly parents with maturing youth who are ready to more deeply discuss and apply the Bible to their lives. Anne shares a Charlotte Mason influenced approach to education as she speaks at retreats, workshops, and women's and children's conferences, and is regularly joined by her husband, Steve. As a certified local Master Naturalist, Anne enjoys leading nature study adventures, but when not hiking, reading, or writing, she loves hosting gatherings of family and friends at their rural Wisconsin home. You can find more about Anne at: www.tablelearningresources.com.

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