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Anna Bauereis




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Anna Bauereis, an established professional with a wealth of experience, is more than a Board Certified Cognitive Specialist (IBCCES). As a seasoned business owner, CEO, speaker, and author, she brings a unique blend of expertise to the table. With her remarkable record of establishing thriving homeschooling communities in Texas and founding a successful health and wellness business, Anna is a seasoned entrepreneur herself. Her extensive studies in pediatric neurodevelopmental disorders, under the guidance of one of the world's leading neuroscience researchers and clinicians, have enriched her understanding of the human brain and learning processes. Known as "The Entrepreneurs Homeschool Coach," Anna is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs navigate the challenges of both business and homeschooling. Her mentorship and abundant resources are designed to empower entrepreneurs to transition from a state of stress to confidence. By leveraging her experience and wisdom, Anna equips her clients to achieve success in both business and home education. Anna owned/directed two successful brain integration programs (Brain Balance Centers) for 13 years. Her desire to make a positive impact on families has always been evident. She has been professionally coaching and consulting across various businesses for two decades. Driven by her profound knowledge of brain integration training, Anna's journey led to the natural progression of launching "Life Momentum with Anna B: Lifestyle Consulting and Resources." Through this initiative, she continues to inspire and support entrepreneurs in their quest for balanced and successful lives.

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