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Andi Elliott




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Andi Elliott has dealt with some of life’s most challenging times. Her daughter, Charlotte, was given a catastrophic diagnosis at just 1 year old, which turned their world upside down. Searching for answers, Andi became a full-time caregiver and advocate for Charlotte in the overwhelming world of complex medical issues. Charlotte’s ultra-rare disease demanded 24 hour care, and doctors gave little support as Andi navigated uncharted waters, all while managing her home and school. “Don’t believe the lie that God won’t give you more than you can handle”, Andi says, “I was not strong enough to endure what God asked of me, only my complete dependence on Him gave me the strength to get through each day.”

“God has shaped my perspective to live life to the fullest, one day at a time. Trusting that He will fill my cup in this season where “self-care” or prioritizing myself is not always an option. God has taught me contentment and joy in my circumstances, not apart from them. If he can bless me richly despite my circumstances, I know he can do the same for everyone.”

After Charlotte passed at almost 8 years old, Andi redirected her time back into her family in other ways that bring her joy. Opening a family campground, and now building and nurturing small businesses with her homeschooled pre-teen daughter, she is able to share her love for small business as well as channeling grief and growth through quality time spent together and shared with others.

Andi lives in mid-central Missouri with her husband of 18 years and her middle daughter. There she publishes homeschool planners, owns and operates a shave-ice stand with her pre-teen, and runs their family campground, all between speaking engagements. She enjoys visiting with her oldest daughter and her family, and is a first-time grandmother.

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