Aimee Eucce
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Wife. Mom. 2nd Generation Homeschooler.

📚 At 5 I was told I would never read past a 6th grade level due to Dyslexia. That's when my Homeschooling Mom found Play 'n Talk Phonics and Language Arts Program.

After completing Play ‘n Talk I was reading at a 🔥 college level 🔥 and spelling at a💥 6th grade level! 💥

Fast forward, 30+ years and now I own Play 'n Talk. We re-launched our 60+ year old phonics program in the middle of 🦠 Covid 🦠.

We are bringing our highly rated program, Play ‘n Talk, to a generation that needs it more than ever! We have taught thousands of children to love reading and now we are on a mission to teach millions of kiddos to read!

🏔About Me 🏔
I live on a 🌳 #hobbyfarm 🌳in San Diego County with my 🙎🏼‍♂️Hubby of 🔟 years and my two 👦🏼👧🏼 kiddos.

We have sheep, chickens, 🐑🐓🐑🐓🐑🐓 hogs, and dogs!


Aimee Eucce | Play 'n Talk - Phonics In Action
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Aimee Eucce | Play 'n Talk - Phonics In Action
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