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Aimee Eucce




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Wife. Mom. Entrepreneur. Aimee Eucce is a second generation homeschooler who re-launched Play ‘n Talk, a 60+ year old Phonics Company, in the middle of Covid. At 5 Aimee was told she would never read past a 6th grade level due to severe dyslexia. However her homeschool mom found Play ‘n Talk Phonics and Spelling program. After finishing Play ‘n Talk she was reading at a college level and spelling at a 6th grade level after just two years of 20 minute lessons per day. More than that Aimee had developed a love for reading. She is bringing Play ‘n Talk to a generation that needs it more than ever! Play ‘n Talk has taught thousands of children to read and spell. Aimee is determined to ensure that every child has the opportunity to love reading. Before Play ‘n Talk and before kids she spent 18+ years as a B2B Marketer for tech start-ups Until recently she lived on a small farm in San Diego County with her Hubby, Jeff of 11 years, her two kiddos, Abbie and Aiden, plus 27 chickens, 3 sheep, 3 hogs and 2 dogs. In December of 2022 they sold their farm, gave away their prized animals and decided to travel the country for 5 months visiting homeschool conferences in eleven different states while experiencing all the amazing historical sites this country has to offer. They plan to settle down in rural Utah in August of 2023.

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