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Aidan Chopra




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Aidan Chopra is Chief Creative Officer and a co-founder at Bitsbox. After earning an undergraduate degree in fine arts, he moved on to a Master of Architecture, where his thesis dealt with the intersection between children's play, learning, and physical space. Aidan then joined SketchUp in Boulder, where he launched an education program that made SketchUp free for educators and their students. When SketchUp was acquired by Google in 2006, Aidan became the product evangelist, writing Google SketchUp For Dummies and traveling the world to spread the word about 3D modeling for everyone. Aidan co-founded Bitsbox in 2014 with the idea that the best way to teach coding is to encourage independent exploration and experimentation. Bitsbox provides hundreds of inspiring app examples, thousands of high-quality graphic and media resources, and the ability to make apps that work in any browser, on any device. As a new coder himself, Aidan is proud to be helping kids—and their parents and teachers—discover the magic of bringing their ideas to life with code. At Bitsbox, Aidan can be found doing everything from designing materials to giving talks and teaching workshops.

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