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Adelaide Olguin will help you create a homeschool experience that makes your heart beat with excitement, has your kids going on and on about what they’re learning, and silences the doubters, including that little voice in your head, whispering that you aren’t enough to homeschool your kids.

She wants your homeschool to be better than any other option out there. Language immersion program. Check. Traveling the world while you homeschool. Check. Focusing on what will actually help your child to be a successful adult. Double check.

She is the creator of TalkBox.Mom, which has families talking in a foreign language the same day they start, and the host of the podcast the Foreign Language and Travel Homeschool. But the most important part of her day is homeschooling her boys.

Turn your Homeschool into a Drool Worthy and Scholarly Experience by making Travel a Key Part of your Curriculum

I have to warn you. If you do this, your kids will be obsessed with school, go on and on about what they learn, and beg you for more. They’ll also sound like experts and create their own travel logs that rival the best textbooks. Yes, even your young child that is learning to read or your teen that rather be with their friends. I’ll help you make your homeschool a life-changing and unforgettable experience.

Part 2 - Travel
:: Rather be Traveling for Homeschool? Like, always? Book Super Low Cost Flights, Save $$$, and make your Dream Trips a Reality ***

Five years ago we put everything in storage to homeschool our kids while we travel. The first two years, we flew over 100 times, and 95% of the flights were free. Our longest trip was traveling for over a year and a half straight. Now, we’re really into going away for a couple months and coming back to our home base and then doing it again. I’m excited to spill all the details on how to afford multiple trips a year, including scripts to help you book home rentals at the best prices and strategies to help you make any dream trip a reality.

// Language Sessions //

:: Create a LANGUAGE IMMERSION Homeschool—even if You Only Know One Language Now! ***

By this time next week, you’ll be speaking a language in your homeschool even if you know nothing or are a native speaker who is embarrassed that your kids answer back in English! Learn to pass up years of trying to learn a foreign language. See how easy it is to teach other subjects in a foreign language. And find out how to leave your anxiety at the door as you talk with native speakers. We want your homeschool to provide a better language immersion experience than you could get anywhere else.

:: Upcoming Mission Trip?! Prepare your Whole Family to Easily Speak Spanish, so You can Connect with Those You Serve

When you can speak the language you can connect with the people you serve on a whole other level. Find out how to prepare your family better in a month to speak Spanish than what would most likely take you a couple of years to learn. If you want to impact those you serve on a whole other level, this one's for you.

:: Don’t Waste your High School Spanish Requirement Checking a Box. Change your Teen’s Future by Actually Speaking Spanish

Between two equally qualified candidates, the person that speaks Spanish will often get chosen. But Spanish is so hard?! Right? Well, if you learned to speak English, I’ll show you how you can start speaking Spanish the same day you start and spend the next two years speaking it even more as a family. And you don’t have to spend time crying over conjugation charts! In this session, you’ll learn how to easily learn Spanish, so you can use it for the rest of your life.

// Unparalleled Homeschool Experiences //

:: “Ew. You homeschool?” Silence the Doubters with a Homeschool that is Next Level ***

It’s your mother-in-law throwing shade at a family get together. It’s your sister explaining how much further ahead her children are than yours. Yes, it’s totally that random stranger on the street… that you didn’t want to talk to in the first place. And maybe it’s even the little voice in your head that’s wondering if you’re ruining your kids by homeschooling... and are you even ENOUGH to do this? Babe, it’s time to slay at this homeschooling thing. See how to make your homeschool next level while doing what you love… and even doing less. After this, when you see the family, your mother-in-law will wish she homeschooled her kids, and other moms will be pulling their kids out of school after meeting you. You’ll also be totally in LOVE with your brilliant idea to homeschool, knowing you are more than enough.

:: Straight A’s Don’t Guarantee Success in Life. What Does your Child Seriously Need to be Successful? And What’s your Focus?! ***

Getting straight A’s in school doesn’t equal success in life. In fact, studies show that students who misbehave in the classroom actually earn higher salaries later in life. So why are you focused on your child getting A’s or disappointed that your child isn’t getting good grades? Think about it. A’s won’t teach your children how to have meaningful relationships, important life skills, or even how to think well. In this hands-on workshop, you’ll find out what success actually looks like. You’ll pull out a pen and make a plan during this workshop that shifts your entire focus to support your child in becoming a successful adult.

// For Teens //

:: What If You Could Use your Time in High School to do What you Actually Love and become a Way More Successful Adult?

Too many people, high school might feel like a waste of time. But it doesn’t have to waste your time. Find out how to do what you love in high school, so it’s more fun than binging Netflix but actually gives you an amazing resume and portfolio to start work, internships, or amazing college experiences that are only given to those that do this one thing.


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