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Dr. Reynolds was long a professor of Music History at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. Since retiring, she has focused her professional career outside of the university walls, teaching and speaking on the importance of the fine arts to homeschoolers, concert audiences, and travel enthusiasts. For decades, she has served as an educator for arts organizations, including the Dallas Symphony and the Van Cliburn Foundation. Fluent in Russian and German, Dr. Reynolds has led educational tours to Russia, Germany, and arts centers in the US. Now on behalf of the Smithsonian Institute she speaks to audiences in the Holy Land, the Caribbean, and across the Atlantic, and leads arts tours to Eastern Europe.

Dr. Reynolds is the author of the homeschool multi-media courses Discovering Music: 300 Years of Interaction in Western Music, Arts, History, and Culture and Exploring America’s Musical Heritage. She is currently creating a course covering Early Christian liturgical music from the Temple in Jerusalem through the Middle Ages.

She has two grown children and makes her home with her husband on a ranch near Bowie, TX, where she raises goats and soaks in the rich cultural heritage of the Southwest.

Online Convention Workshops

Professor Carol takes you through the history of American music, shot in many locations across America and featuring fiddle tunes, shape-note singing, Spanish missions, minstrelsy and vaudeville, opera, hymns, military bands, ragtime, and more.

Professor Carol takes you on location to Jerusalem along with archeologist Yuval Edden. Learn about the traditions of worship in the Old Testament as you explore the ancient city and Temple grounds to discover some of the roots of our early Christian music.

Music plays an essential role in a child’s development from the earliest ages. Professor Carol presents strategies for obtaining the developmental, educational, and cultural benefits of music for all kids from pre-K through elementary.

Stuck on dates and biographies? You could begin your study of art from many perspectives that a student might find more compelling, such as chemistry, math, or marketing. Professor Carol suggests practical exercises that teach your students about how art is presented, created, or sold. Art history is not just about what’s inside the frame.

Panel Kick Off: questions for the entire conference; what question to consider; help shape and orient speakers to what we will address. We start by LISTENING. A HEARING...

Remember the old hymns? No, the really old hymns. Christian music has its roots in the Jerusalem Temple and Greco-Roman antiquity. Gregorian chant united Christian worship and strongly influenced the development of Western Culture. See how these beautiful traditions still shape Christian worship today.

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