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Real Faith for the Real World (Teen Track)


Massey Campos is a first-generation American, but a 3rdgeneration preacher. Both his parents were born and raised in Mexico and immigrated to America as young adults in order to pursue the American dream. Massey, along with his two brothers and one sister, grew up traveling as a family, as their father was an evangelist.

As his father preached, Massey, as early as age 5, picked up a guitar and bass guitar and started playing. While still in his teens, Massey began preaching to congregations the unsearchable riches found in Christ.

In 2001, he began speaking to audiences around the country in high schools, colleges, churches, and much more. Massey’s constant desire and passion is to see Americans, both young and old alike, understand the Biblical heritage of this great nation and bring America back to the God who gave us this liberty. Not only is Massey a gifted speaker, but he is also a talented musician and writer, having traveled for 12 years as a lead singer and bass player for a Christian rock band. He is also well-versed in various genres of music including Latin, contemporary Christian and Pop.

Massey is the father of three awesome boys, and husband to his beautiful wife, Cari, who assists with Massey’s appearances, and the Assistant Pastor - Revive Church Stuart, FL. He and his family currently reside in Port Saint Lucie, Florida.

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“Howdy! I just took your workshop The Pursuit of Happiness at the Great Homeschool Convention in Ft. Worth Texas. I have to say, that the truth you spoke, was awe inspiring. Truth about our Creator, truth about what He created, truth about what He inspired men to do for the glory of Him. Your fire and passion are incredible, and the Lord has truly blessed you with the gift of preaching. Thank you for putting a fire in my heart to continue to teach my children in the truth, no matter what others think. May the Lord continue to bless you! We are praying for you and for your ministry, and all those who hear it.” - Shannon, TX Convention

“Hi Massey! Just wanted to say hello and thanks for accepting my request. I found you through listening to the full mp3s of the Homeschool Covention last month. I didn't get to hear you personally but I'm enjoying your talk on "The Anchor of American Liberty". 😊” Dee, TX Convention

***the next response was handed to me in a letter, by a mother***

“I attended your workshop, and although I knew most of the stuff you were talking about, it may be the most important workshop I attended. After being attacked so much for the last several years and having so many battles because of my stance on these issues, I sometimes forget the root and the true reason we must fight on!

You also reminded me how important it is to pass this message along to our future, and that it's not just a book to read or something to check off my list.

Thank you so much for what you do, and with such gratitude”

Mother of 3, TX convention

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