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We’re committed to helping you be completely successful in your homeschooling adventure. Each convention provides an outstanding featured speaker roster. These speakers care deeply about your home schooling success and will share information, encouragement, and practical, proven ideas and concepts that you can implement right away in your homeschool efforts.

Each convention provides information packed workshop sessions from these and other speakers, and you’ll have an opportunity to engage with these speakers one-on-one after their sessions and/or in the Exhibit Hall.

Connor Notion 1
Connor Boyack
Sarah blue
Sarah Mackenzie
John Lovell Headshot
John Lovell
Rebekah Lovell Headshot
Rebekah Lovell
NTML headshot
Nicole Thomas
Andrew pudewa large
Andrew Pudewa
Dr Carol Swain Great Homeschool Conventions
Dr. Carol Swain
Jay Wile Great Homeschool Conventions
Dr. Jay Wile
Danny Huerta Great Homeschool Conventions
Dr. Danny Huerta, PsyD, LCSW, LSSW
Like DSC 5249
Nicholeen Peck
Profile Pic 2022
Dr. Melanie Wilson
Giant Cow Children's Ministries Great Homeschool Conventions
Giant Cow Kids’ Event
Screenshot 2023 07 25 at 9 49 12 AM
Comedian Fred Klett
Massey pic 2
Massey Campos
20210716 Headshot Martin Cothran Web 1
Martin Cothran
Dr Christopher Perrin Great Homeschool Conventions
Dr. Christopher Perrin
2024 Larry Schweikart
Dr. Larry Schweikart
Jean Burk Great Homeschool Conventions
Jean Burk
Timothy Shoemaker Great Homeschool Conventions
Timothy Shoemaker
Carol Reynolds Great Homeschool Conventions
Dr. Carol Reynolds
John De Gree Great Homeschool Conventions
John De Gree
23 SD HS EDIT 121
Steve Demme
20230615 222755
Jennifer Cabrera, Hifalutin Homeschooler
Dale Gamache Great Homeschool Conventions
Dale Gamache
Dennis DiNoia
Henderson Riley
Photo of alice aug23 4
Alice Reinhardt
Gretchen Roe Great Homeschool Conventions
Gretchen H. Roe
20210716 Headshot Cheryl Swope Web 1
Cheryl Swope
Sean Allen Great Homeschool Conventions
Sean Allen
Mark Hancock
Mark Hancock
Andrew Kern Great Homeschool Conventions
Andrew Kern
2019 Andrea Lipinski Ci RCE 600x600 1
Andrea Lipinski
Joel Tay 02
Joel Tay
Keaton Halley
John Fort Great Homeschool Conventions
John Fort
2024 Joelle
Joelle Hodge
Dr Jonathan Sarfati Creation Ministries Great Homeschool Conventions
Dr. Jonathan Sarfati
Jennifer Courtney
Jennifer Courtney
Cynthia Tobias Great Homeschool Convenitons
Cynthia Tobias
Paola Brown Logo
Paola Brown
Stephen Ashton Headshot Closeup
Stephen Ashton
Kristi Dye
Kristi Dye
2023 Monica Irvine
Monica Irvine
20210714 Headshot Dan Sheffler Web 1
Dr. Dan Sheffler
James original
LaNissir James
Bentley original
Vicki Bentley
Danni Gugel
Danni Gugel
Lisa Nehring
Lisa Nehring
Heather Shirley Headshot 2023 12 07 1
Heather Shirley
Louis A Markos
202 E Cauley
Elisabeth Cauley
Wendy Herper Headshot 2024 1
Wendy Herper
20210816 Headshots Carrie Mc Graw Web 2
Carrie McGraw