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What Every Parent Should Know About Homeschooling in Georgia

April 27, 2023

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Is your child having a difficult time at school? Are there certain subjects or activities at public school that you don't want your child to participate in?

These are just some of the reasons why parents decide to homeschool their kiddos. Regardless of what your reason is, it's valid.

You know your child better than anyone, and if you feel homeschooling is the best route for them, why not take that first step?

Even if you know nothing about homeschooling in Georgia, everyone has to start somewhere. Even if you've considered homeschooling in another state, homeschooling in Georgia is very different than homeschooling in Wisconsin or any other state.

Let us help you decide if homeschooling is right for you and your child and what to expect throughout the process!

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Your Child's Education Reaps the Rewards of Homeschooling

We've all been there as children, sitting in a classroom, unable to follow what was being taught. Traditional school environments just aren't for everyone. These environments are difficult for some students, and no matter how much they try to focus and blend in, the issue doesn't get resolved.

I know from experience that being cooped up in a classroom full of other students, all following one teacher's guidance, wasn't enough to keep me focused and on the same page. I needed a specialized approach that allowed me to learn at my own pace, ask questions as they came up, and feel a sense of connection with my teacher in order to succeed in the classroom.

That's what makes homeschooling so special. Consider smaller classrooms, better subject matter, and a flexible schedule. What more could you ask for?

A child writing with a pencil

Homeschooling allows your child to have a curated learning experience that lets them learn at their own pace and in a way that makes sense for them.

Not only is it easier for them to focus and learn, but homeschooling teaches your child there are alternative ways to do anything, helping them grow into the best version of themselves.

Homeschooling Isn't as Difficult as You Might Think

We want to help demystify the homeschooling process in Georgia. When you think of homeschooling your child, are you held back by the fear that it's going to be a lengthy, difficult process?

So many parents drag their feet with homeschooling even though they know it's what's best for their kiddos just because the process intimates them.

A woman homeschooling a child

Yes, there are Georgia homeschool laws that you must follow to homeschool your child. A public or private school also has laws, such as attendance, passing grades, etc.

Homeschooling really isn't that much different.

Send a Letter of Intent

In Georgia, you're required to send a letter of intent before the school year to the Georgia Department of Education. Check out these versions of intent documents to help you put one together for your child. When you send the letter, don't expect a debate about whether it's right for your child or not. It's completely in your right to homeschool, and the Department of Education isn't going to fight you on it if you comply with all of Georgia's laws.

Teach Your Child the Essentials

So, now that you've decided to homeschool your child, what subjects do you plan to teach? Get creative with their homeschool curriculum and include fun activities specific to their interests.

Can you imagine having this opportunity as a child? Getting to spend your school day in the comfort of your home or a familiar place and following a lesson plan that doesn't feel dry or outdated.

Georgia simply asks you to include a basic academic educational program that includes science, social studies, language arts, mathematics, and reading. How you go about teaching these subjects is up to you, and you can include any other subjects of your choosing.

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Keep Track of Their Progress

Georgia homeschooling requirements ask parents to keep track of their child's progress throughout the year. With record keeping, it's best to keep track of as much information as possible.

Keep records of their attendance, subjects taken, grades, and tests, if applicable. Homeschool families are sometimes checked in on by the Department of Education to make sure they are complying with all of Georgia's laws. Having these records on hand helps save you the hassle of trying to come up with records if that ever happens.

Test Your Child's Education

Georgia homeschooling laws ask that you test your child periodically throughout their education. Testing usually begins in third grade and occurs every three years. There are many ways to test your child, own your own, or through your local school district.

Even if you don't use testing in your child's normal education routine, these tests are required and may be reviewed at some point in their education.

Keeping track of progress

Make Sure You're Qualified

Did you know that some states require homeschooled parents to have a teaching degree? Well, that's not the case in Georgia, luckily. Unlike teachers in public or private schools, the educational background requirements are much more reasonable. In Georgia, all you need is a high school diploma or a GED to homeschool a child.

Don't have either? That's okay. Getting your GED isn't difficult, and with the writing study plan, it's possible for you to obtain it before you homeschool your kiddo.

If you plan to hire a tutor to teach your child, they must also have a GED or high school diploma.

Connect With Other Families

Georgia has a pool or homeschool groups that you can find and connect with throughout your journey. These groups are full of families that have been right where you are, taking your first steps into the homeschool world.

A child in front of a laptop

There's something truly special about this journey, and it's one that not everyone will understand. You may meet resistance from friends or family, unsure if you're making the right decision. Trust your instinct and go with the decision that feels right for you and your family.

Homeschool groups are a place where you can feel a sense of community and like-mindedness. Talk about the rewards, benefits, and challenges of the homeschool process. Confide with these groups when you encounter issues and need advice on how to overcome them.

These groups also allow your child to connect with other students and make new friends. Plan fun activities with other families, take the kiddos on field trips, and allow them to create long-term friendships.

Is Homeschooling Right for You?

Now that you've learned the basics of homeschooling, it's not so difficult, right? With the right preparation, you can make the transition out of public school a breeze, and when you do, you'll be more than happy about your decision.

All transitions take time to adjust, and a little discomfort is bound to happen. Your child is going to miss their friends and will take time to adjust to being at home or in a smaller setting regularly. With little time, encouragement, and support, the transition will be best for you and your child.

Find a homeschool associations group to join and create a community of support and guidance. Follow homeschool regulations and keep up with any changes that occur throughout the years.

You can do this. You're only a step away from giving your child the education they need to thrive!

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