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The Benefits of Homeschooling Versus Public School

October 28, 2022

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The Benefits of Homeschooling Versus Public School

What if education catered to the individual's interests? The kids who love science got to learn about science and go on field trips to science centers, zoos, and planetariums, while kids who love music learned about great composers - then and now, music history, and went on field trips to the symphony hall, rock concerts, and the rock and roll hall of fame.

What if education really celebrated learning instead of tests and pop quizzes?

Homeschooling does.

homeschooling a child

Parents are beginning to recognize all the benefits of homeschooling and are taking action. Since 2007, the number of U.S. households that homeschool has increased by over 50%. Parents want better for their children.

Is homeschooling better? Yes, and here's why.

The Benefits of Homeschooling

Homeschooling benefits range from improved mental health to increased scores on standardized tests, including the SAT - homeschooled students score an average of 72 points higher on the SAT than the national average.

As parents realize the tremendous long-term value of homeschooling, more and more families decide to begin a personalized education for their children at home.

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Self-Paced Curriculum

When students are able to learn at their own pace, they tend to feel less stressed and more confident. This is especially beneficial for those who struggle with certain subjects or children with ADHD.

Homeschool curriculum can be adjusted or completely homemade according to the needs of the individual student.

Healthy Environment

In a post-pandemic world, we're all keenly aware of how important it is to keep our kids in a healthy environment. While public schools do the best they can, they can't control the hygiene of every student in every building. Homeschooling allows parents peace of mind when it comes to their children's health and wellbeing.


Whether for military families who move frequently, or simply families with busy schedules, homeschooling allows the flexibility needed when a set schedule or a permanent location isn't possible.

Avoid School Violence

It's a tragic time we live in when public school students have to perform drills for what to do if a dangerous person were to enter their school. Sadly, this is the reality. It's also a reason many parents have chosen to homeschool their children rather than continue to send them to school.

A homeschool set up

Incorporate Personal Beliefs

For many families, faith and religion are central to their home. However, for better or worse, there is a strict separation of church and state. Private school may be an alternative, but it is a costly one, with annual tuition averaging at least $12,000.

Homeschooling parents have the educational freedom for religious instruction at a fraction of the cost.

A child being homeschooled

Life Skills

By homeschooling your children, you have the opportunity to incorporate life skills into your learning plan every day. Rather than only focusing on a state-imposed curriculum that ignores the skills that we all need as adults, you'll be able to teach things like cooking, account balancing, bill paying, and investing.

If there's a life skill you want your child to learn that you don't have yourself, find an online course and learn together. Teach your child to be resourceful and unafraid to find answers. That, in itself, is a life skill - and an important one.

Mental Health Benefits of Homeschooling

Anyone who attended a traditional school can relate to the challenges that came along with that experience. Peer pressure, bullying, social cliques, the list goes on.

If you don't fit the mold, you're an outcast. If you do fit the mold, there's intense pressure to be the best - All. The. Time.

None of that is fair for kids, but it happens constantly. Most of us dealt with it and didn't suffer irreparable damage. But we didn't have cameras in our pockets and social media at our fingertips.

The threat of literally everyone you know suddenly laughing at and publicly shaming you or seeing a private photo of you is almost constant for our kids. No wonder they have panic attacks.

The assault on the mental health of our children is no small thing and is why millions of parents have decided in recent years to homeschool their kids.

Peer Pressure

The level of peer pressure felt by homeschooled children is much lower than that of their public school counterparts. While they may feel occasional peer pressure from siblings and friends, the context is markedly different from public or private school.

Homeschooled children often feel more comfortable standing up for themselves. They've been taught the value of critical thinking and discernment, so peer pressure is less effective and causes less stress.

Develop Independence

Many homeschooled children develop great independence as a result of being responsible for their own schedules and work much of the time. They learn to be self-motivated and productive.

Increased Self Esteem

Words are powerful. Encouraging your child and building them up every day through teaching and supporting them will help them form a self image and internal dialog of esteem and worth.

We all know the world does everything it can to tear us down. Our children need us to be their soft place to fall and their support to rebuild. Homeschooling gives them and us the foundation to do exactly that.

Special Needs

Any parent with a special needs child understands how challenging programs in traditional schools can be. Your child is not guaranteed the educational or emotional freedom or support they need to succeed.

Some special needs children and families require the support of experts and specialists. However, many do not.

Many children simply need the latitude, the physical and mental space, to perform at their optimal level. Homeschooling allows them that.

a happy child
Whether your child has learning disabilities, a condition like Asperger's Syndrome, or is a gifted student who needs to be challenged, homeschooling can offer a way to address their academic instruction appropriately while supporting their mental health and emotional needs.

Also, some homeschool students are limited by their physical health. Severe allergies, chronic illness, or other serious conditions make it dangerous or impossible for them to attend public school. Fortunately, homeschooling allows them to pursue their own education safely.

Happiness and Success

The benefits of homeschooling are many and vary as widely as the families who participate in this unique learning process. While not for everyone, homeschooling can provide not only a well-rounded education, but the emotional support that so many children and families need.

Most homeschooled kids grow up to be successful adults. Isn't that what we all want for our children? Happiness and success.

If you're interested in homeschooling, there are many resources available. We invite you to take a look and consider attending a convention to learn more!

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