Homeschooling and Special Needs

December 30, 2022

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Homeschooling can be an amazing opportunity for children with special needs to receive the individualized attention they need in order to thrive academically. With the right homeschool program, kids with ADHD, autism, and other developmental disabilities can get the educational support they deserve while still being able to work at their own pace and progress at a rate that’s comfortable for them.

But finding the right program isn’t always easy – so what are some of the best homeschooling programs out there specifically designed for kids with special needs? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of these options and help you find one that will meet your child’s unique learning needs.

Homeschooling Kids With Special Needs

Homeschooling kids with special needs can provide them with a safe and supportive learning environment that is tailored to their individual needs. It allows parents to customize the homeschool curriculum and materials to better meet the needs of their child, while also providing greater flexibility in terms of scheduling and teaching style.

Types of Homeschooling Programs Available in Texas

It’s beneficial to look for programs that provide support services such as tutoring or mentoring, in addition to the core curriculum. This can help to ensure that the child is receiving the best possible educational experience.

When selecting a homeschool program, also consider how the materials and curriculum will be presented. For example, some programs provide digital resources, such as online courses or video-based lessons. Others may use textbooks or printed materials. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to choose the one that best meets your child’s needs.

Boy Sitting on Gray Couch Holding a White Cane

Finally, it is important to consider whether you need a program that offers support services, such as counseling or behavior management. This can be especially helpful for children with autism, who may need additional support in order to succeed academically. It can also be beneficial to look for a program that provides parent training so that parents can understand the needs of their child better and provide appropriate guidance and instruction.

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Benefits of Homeschooling Children With Special Needs

Many parents and families choose to homeschool for the same reasons: safety concerns regarding public school, the desire to have more control over their child's education, and the desire to include religion and life skills into daily lessons. When a child has special needs, however, the reasons for homeschooling and the benefits of doing so can change and/or increase.

A Woman and Girl Reading a Braille Book

Some of the many ways homeschooling can benefit families and children with special needs are:

Increased Flexibility

Homeschooling offers greater flexibility than traditional schooling in terms of scheduling and teaching style. This can be especially beneficial for children with special needs, who may have difficulty adapting to a traditional school environment.

Improved Relationships

Homeschooling provides opportunities for improved communication and relationships between parents and their children. Homeschool parents often form deeper connections with their children as they teach them in a more intimate setting, which can help to strengthen the bond between them.

Greater Academic Success

With the right resources and support services, homeschooling can provide children with special needs an educational experience that is better suited to their individual needs. This can lead to increased academic success for the child.

Reduced Stress

Homeschooling can reduce the stress and anxiety associated with a traditional school setting for both children and parents. This can be especially beneficial for families of children with special needs, as it allows them to create an environment free from pressure or judgment.

With the right resources and support services, parents can create an educational experience that is tailored to their child's individual needs and allows them to reach their full potential.

How To Identify Which Program Is Best for Your Child


Parents can identify the best homeschooling program for their child by researching the different programs and materials available. They should look for homeschool programs that have experience helping children with the same specific needs. Additionally, parents should research a homeschool curriculum that is appropriate for their child's age and ability level.

Professional Opinions

Parents should also talk to professionals, such as doctors, teachers, or counselors who know about the different learning styles of children with special needs to make sure they are choosing a program that will support their child's individual educational needs.

Learning Environment

It’s also important to consider the type of learning environment that works best for your child.

Does your child learn better in a structured or unstructured setting? Do they need more one-on-one attention or do they prefer to work independently? Do they need extra visual and auditory aids to help them understand the material?

The great thing about homeschooling is that you can personalize learning to your child and your family's needs. There are religious focused curriculum, like Catholic homeschooling programs and many others, that allow families to center their child's development on faith.

By understanding how your child learns best, you can identify a homeschool program that will be the most successful for them.

Person Reading a Book Using Braille System

Your Availability

Finally, consider your availability as a parent when choosing a homeschool program. Some programs require more parental involvement than others, so make sure to choose a program that fits your lifestyle and schedule.

By researching available programs and materials, talking to professionals, and understanding your child's individual learning needs, you can determine which homeschool program is the best fit for your family. With the right program in place, you can ensure that your child has access to the resources they need to succeed.

Popular Homeschool Programs for Students With Special Needs

The following is our list of the best homeschool curriculum for special needs students. While not exhaustive, we feel this list represents an excellent sample of options for homeschool families looking for complete programs for their child's education or ways to supplement their current programs.

A young boy wearing sunshades running his hands over a braille

Accredited Homeschool Programs

Some of these programs offer accredited homeschool programs through online academies, but not all do. Accreditation is defined as, "the recognition from an accrediting agency that an institution maintains a certain level of educational standards."

While not all programs are accredited, since homeschooling is legal in all 50 states the education received from these programs is still valid. Simply make sure your record-keeping is accurate and meets your state's legal requirements.

ADHD Programs


One of the best online homeschool programs available that allows for different grade level placement in different subjects - very helpful for any child, especially children with ADHD. Online classes are available for students from preschool to high school.


An online subscription for grades 3-12 that covers five core subjects and offers the first 30 days for free! Customizable, self-paced, and featuring audible lessons for various learning styles, Monarch is a complete package for Christian homeschool families looking for an awesome online curriculum.

Autism Programs


Make learning a game with this online subscription for kids from preschool to grade 5. The games here focus on math and English language arts. While a great choice for younger children, SplashLearn, unfortunately, doesn't offer lessons for middle school or high school students.

Gemm Learning

With their self-paced, online reading program, Fast ForWord, Gemm Learning offers 50+ exercises that help improve reading speed and comprehension for kids with ASD.

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Dyslexia Programs

Brave Writer

This program meets kids exactly where they are and helps teach them to genuinely LOVE writing! Through careful, thought-provoking lessons, students slowly develop the skills, not just to write correctly, but to write beautifully and effortlessly.


Nessy is an online homeschool program that teaches its readers about dyslexia AND how kids and teens with this neurodivergent condition can become better, more confident students.

Find Your Support System

Many parents of children with special needs have embraced homeschooling as an educational path for their children. Homeschooling allows them to individualize their child’s learning experience and better accommodate their specific needs. However, the task of homeschooling a child with special needs can be overwhelming and isolating for parents who may not be sure where to turn for help.

Fortunately, there is a wide variety of support systems available, including homeschool groups, online forums, and books written by parents who have successfully navigated the journey of homeschooling their own special needs child.

Organizations like Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) offer discounts and assistance to homeschool families and can provide guidance for parents who are just starting out. They offer a wide range of articles about homeschooling children with special needs, as well as contact information for local support networks.

Online forums such as iHomeschool Network and Time4Learning Parent Community and Forum are popular sites for parents who are seeking advice, answers to questions, and support from other homeschool parents who have had similar experiences. These resources provide an opportunity for members to connect with each other, discuss challenges they are facing, and share strategies that work.

Two People Reaching Out For Each Other's Hands

Finally, books written by parents of special needs children serve as great resources for ideas on how to create an individualized homeschool program for your own child. These books provide insight into the ups and downs of homeschooling, as well as practical tips on choosing curriculum, activities, and materials that will help meet the educational needs of your child.

Finding support is an essential part of a successful homeschooling experience with special needs children.

No matter where you are on your homeschooling journey, there is a support system out there that can help you make the best decision for your child. With the right resources and networks in place, you can feel confident that your children will receive an education tailored to their unique needs.

Tips for Homeschool Success

Success Text

Homeschooling kids with special needs is an incredibly rewarding experience, but it may also be challenging and overwhelming. To ensure the best outcomes for you and your child, there are a few important tips to keep in mind.

Your Unique Child

First, begin by understanding your child's specific needs. What are their strengths and weaknesses? What sort of curriculum and materials do they need to thrive? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you ensure that you’re providing them with the best possible educational experience.

The Right Schedule

Second, be sure to develop a homeschool schedule that works for your child. Everyone learns differently, so make sure you’re tailoring the home classroom to suit your child's learning style. Consider their special needs when setting up a routine and regularly re-evaluate it as they grow and change.

Take Breaks

Third, be sure to build in plenty of breaks throughout the day to keep your child motivated and engaged. Homeschooling can sometimes be overwhelming, so make sure you’re providing them (and yourself) with regular opportunities to take a break and reset.

Don't Go It Alone

Finally, don't be afraid to ask for help. From online resources to local support groups, there are plenty of options available if you need assistance. Building a homeschool community can make the experience much more rewarding for both you and your child.

By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to creating a successful homeschooling experience for your child with special needs.

Remember to have patience with your child and with yourself.

Homeschooling is a learning process for both of you. With the right homeschool resources and support, you can ensure your child reaches their full potential and you share in the experience every step of the way.

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