Are children allowed to attend?

Yes! If you choose to bring your children and not enroll them in the optional children’s program, you may freely do so as a part of your Family Registration. Please note: we do require that all fussy and crying babies and children be removed immediately from any speaking session or from the exhibit hall so as not to ruin the convention experience for those around you. If you have a disruptive child and do not take the child out, you will be asked to do so by convention staff. All children ages 11 and under must be accompanied at all times by one of their own parents. There is an optional children’s conference, hosted by Giant Cow Ministries (ages 3–12 at the Southeast, Texas, or Midwest events, and ages 6–12 at the Missouri, California, New York, and Florida events). An additional registration fee is required. You may register for the children’s conference here. Children participating in the children’s conference must be fully potty-trained.