Your Differently-Wired Homeschool: 10 Strategies to Help your Atypical Children Thrive

Workshop Speaker: Colleen Kessler

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About This Workshop

Burnout is a real thing when it comes to parenting and homeschooling differently-wired kiddos, and some days it feels like you've already yelled at and corrected your children more times than you can count -- all before you've had your first sip of coffee... Rest assured -- you are not alone. Differently-wired kiddos are not easy, but they are perfectly made for a purpose, and our job as their parents is to harness that uniqueness and intensity for good, giving them what they need to maximize their developmental potential. In this practical and actionable session, Colleen an educational consultant, shares strategies to help parents shift what they're doing to help them feel calmer and more confident, creating a family dynamic where everyone -- parents and their exceptional kids -- thrive.

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