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When Worry Overwhelms: Helping Your Smart & Anxious Child

Workshop Speaker: Colleen Kessler

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About This Workshop

The strangest thing about anxiety in children, especially neurodiverse children, is that it doesn’t always look like what we think of when we think anxiety. It can look like anger, frustration, perfectionism, depression, introversion, and so much more.

It’s also often BIG when it comes to our littlest ones. Big worries, coupled with a little’s life experiences, works out to kiddos who are overwhelmed and are in a constant battle between flight or fight.

For tweens and teens, it can mean questioning what they’re meant for, doubting what they know about themselves, or lead to negative thought loops and other challenges.

In this session, Colleen will share some of the ways anxiety can look in your children and teens, and give you practical tips, book recommendations, and other resources that can help you and your family start moving from the overwhelm into a calmer life for everyone.