What I Have Learned About Homeschooling Over The Past 22 Years

Workshop Speaker: Dr. Jay Wile

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About This Workshop

Dr. Wile first learned about homeschooling when he was on the faculty at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. He started experiencing a few science students who were head and shoulders above the rest and found out that they were graduates of home education. At the time, he didn’t know anything about homeschooling, but seeing its products made him want to learn. He started studying the education literature to see what research was being done on homeschooled students, he started working with homeschooling families, and he kept track of homeschooled students who graduated and became adults. This talk represents a survey of what he has learned since his introduction to homeschooling. Dr. Wile will discuss what research tells us about homeschooling, the amazing things that homeschool graduates are doing, and the wisdom that homeschool graduates have shared with him.

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