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What Consciousness is Telling Us About the World

Workshop Speaker: John D. Mays

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About This Workshop

What do Robert Nagel, Paul Davies, J. Scott Turner, Antony Flew, David Bentley Hart, and Donald Hoffman have in common? One of these thinkers is an atheist, one is an agnostic, three are Christians, and the faith of one is unknown (to me). But these thinkers are saying the same thing about consciousness, purpose, and intentionality—that they pervade the creation and are not explicable according to physicalist evolutionary theory, or as expressed in the subtitle of (atheist) Nagel’s book, “Why the materialist neo-Darwinian conception of nature is almost certainly false.” In this workshop, we explore the work of these thinkers, the statements they have made about reality, and how these ideas relate to the Christian faith. We then consider the implications of these ideas for the way we teach science at classical Christian schools.

Take Aways:
1. Information to help families make their science instruction distinctly Christian.

2. Ideas about enriching science courses by elevating course content above the mere content in the text.

3. Ideas for motivating students in their faith based on new discoveries that continue to provide motivation for faith in the midst of a secular scientific culture.