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Top Ten Pros for Chronological, Cool, Charlotte-Mason and Classical History from a Former Checked-Out Student!

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About This Workshop

Despite being an avid reader as a child and devouring hundreds of history-related books, Julia Nalle dreaded history class. To her, history classes were a barrage of boring lectures and endless dates. Come listen as Julia, co-author of BiblioPlan shares her personal journey and how God changed her heart concerning history. Those changes have influenced her to rethink the importance of not only how we teach history, but who and why? Why is it so important to have children merging history with their literature? What is the value of teaching children history in order? Why do we integrate the Biblical and Church story with the rest of history? Should we teach children about world religions? Should we expose our children to the violence in history? We will answer these questions and more as Julia offers 10 reasons why she believes studying history in order and with purpose is vital to our children’s education.