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The Robot Raising Our Children

Workshop Speaker: B.B. Gallagher

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About This Workshop

The year is 2023 and nobody lives without the crutch of technology. Whether it's as simple as a car or as complex as an artificial intelligence natural language processing model, technology permeates every aspect of our lives. As parents, there may be no greater practical question than the presence of modern technology in the home. "What age should your child have a phone?" "What exposure should your child have to the internet?" "How much TV is too much?" These questions echo in the mind of the modern parent. But the question we so often forget to ask ourselves is "How much of a hold does technology have on my life?" These workshop not only seeks to explore the emerging technologies that will affect our children, but to also inspire self-reflection on our own technology use so that we can ensure that we are not 'the Robot Raising Our Children.'