The Question of the Good: Wisdom of the Past and Your Child’s Future

Workshop Speaker: John C. Hancock & Elizabeth Sexton

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About This Workshop

Children are our future, yet the world deprives them of much needed wisdom from the past. To help children see clearly amid the world’s confusion, young hearts and minds must be opened to the question of the Good. This is a philosophical question first contemplated by Plato and Aristotle that considers higher human purposes and, so, is a friend to your child’s faith. Grounded in the Western philosophical tradition, including the American Founding, the question of the Good is central to all Fathom does. Learn how our one-of-a-kind approach integrates philosophy, history, civic responsibility, advanced writing, advanced reading, and debating into a classical, user-friendly curriculum. We use original text and critical thinking skills not only to educate children, and families, but to inoculate them against critical race theory and other radical ideologies of the modern world. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how Fathom the Good can prepare your child to live in the world without becoming a product of it.

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