The Nuts and Bolts of Earning College Credit while in High School

Workshop Speaker: Shelby Vaughn

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About This Workshop

What’s the fastest, most economical way for my high school student to earn college credit? How do I avoid sacrificing my Christian worldview to do this? This presentation provides an in-depth comparison of the three main ways of obtaining college credit while in high school: AP, dual enrollment, and CLEP. This comparison will assist homeschoolers in maximizing progress toward their college goals. Participants will identify trends in higher education transfer activities, common forms of earning advanced standing while in high school, and better understand how to make an informed decision regarding the complex environment of college planning. They will also be given an evaluative rubric to determine the best choice for their family while planning for college, taking into consideration time and cost. This workshop gives students and families the tools you will need to begin earning college credit in a way that is congruent with your goals and aspirations.

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