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The Negative Impact of Evolution on Medicine

Workshop Speaker: Pamela Acker

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About This Workshop

Anyone who has walked into the doctor’s office with a serious medical issue knows that somewhere along the way modern medicine lost its ability to see patients as people and to treat ailments in the context of the whole person. What led to this tendency to overlook the interconnectedness of human body systems, and how is that philosophy also responsible for the trend of high-side-effect pharmaceuticals? In a world that bases medical care on a flawed understanding of the human body – one that treats man as a byproduct of a purported evolutionary “history” from microbes through monkeys – it is no wonder that medicine has become divorced from the people who need treatment. This presentation will outline the evolutionary philosophy that undergirds many modern medical problems – from appendectomies to vaccination – and highlight the need to return to the same Creation-based medical paradigm that inspired historic advances in the understanding of the human body.