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The Importance of the Home as the Center of Your Homeschool

Workshop Speaker: Nicki Truesdell

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About This Workshop

When you committed to this homeschool journey, did you envision lots of children learning quietly around the kitchen table? Or piles of laundry, tired children, and a stressed-out Mom? With the unlimited opportunities available to homeschooling families, it’s easy to let the home and family get lost in the shuffle. Jesus said His yoke is easy and His burden is light (Matthew 11:30). So why do we take on more busy-ness than is necessary? Why does it matter? Nicki will share why family relationships are still top priority, and how to find balance in the midst of a busy homeschooling schedule. You will leave with the tools to make the wisest choices for your family’s needs, while preserving the important influence that God designed you to have.