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Workshop Speaker: Deborah Rowley

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About This Workshop

Roots of Knowledge is a stained-glass art installation at Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah. ROK (as it is affectionally called) is comprised of eighty windows which span a distance of nearly one hundred feet. The images in the glass depict the growth of human knowledge from prehistoric times to modern day. Its complexity and visual artistry is breathtaking and inspiring to behold. See: www.uvu.edu/rootsofknowledge/tour/. Families do not need to live in Utah to learn more about these windows and access the free resource every homeschooler needs. The ROK virtual tour, available for free online, is the perfect resource to teach Literature, Social Studies, Science, Art, and Humanities in a unique way that will engage every child. Here are just a few of the ways I cover in this workshop. Roots of Knowledge can be used to teach: *Theme Based Unit Studies on Music, Women's History, Architecture, Poetry, Inventions Around the World and more. *Time Period Study- Each window helps students visualize all the things that were happening around the world at a certain period of time. *Exploration Learning-- Students can choose items that interest them from a window panel and do their own research to learn more. *Historical Hero Study-- Discover the greatest men and women from history included in the windows. This short list gives you an idea of the scope and possibilities in Roots of Knowledge. Everyone finds something in these windows to engage and inspire them. There are hidden cultural Easter Eggs (like a miniature Star Trek Enterprise and an Indiana Jones fedora) that make studying these windows feel like a treasure hunt. The windows also become an incredible record of home learning, helping to aid recall and provide long lasting retention of what was learned. I would love to teach about this incredible free educational gem that no one yet knows about!