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Teaching Techniques to Pull In Even the Most Reluctant Learner

Workshop Speaker: Marie Sontag

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About This Workshop

A one-size-fits-all curriculum for all learners doesn’t exist. How can we pull in even the most reluctant learner? Marie Sontag has taught middle-school for over fifteen years. Her MA and Ph.D. in education equipped her to also train teachers in best practices to help students connect with learning in meaningful and personal ways. Her experience as a published historical fiction author for middle-grade and young adult learners also gives her insights into helping readers gain an appreciation for reading as well as writing. In addition, her involvement with Family-Friendly Fiction Writers connects writers with parents and students to provide quality fiction as well as face-to-face meetings between students and authors through writing workshops. In this workshop, Dr. Sontag will share techniques you can use with almost any curriculum to help your students develop a love for life-long learning.