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“Teaching” the Junior High & High School Sciences at Home

Workshop Speaker: Dr. Jay Wile

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About This Workshop

In this seminar, Dr. Jay L. Wile explains how any parent can help his or her children learn science at the upper levels. As a former University teacher and a former high school teacher, Dr. Wile is a staunch advocate of homeschooling a student all the way through the high school years. He agrees that most parents do not have the ability to teach the high school sciences at home, but he also contends that this is not a problem. By the time a homeschooled student reaches high school, he or she should have the ability to learn independently or with the help of another. Thus, Dr. Wile admonishes the parent to learn the subject right along with the student. With both the parent and the student helping each other learn, an upper level science experience can be equally rewarding for both!

In order to help the homeschooling parent plan his or her science curriculum, Dr. Wile provides study timelines for both the science-oriented and the non-science-oriented student. In addition, he discusses the mathematical skills needed in order to maintain the proposed timeline.