Teaching Demonstration: How to Use Primary Sources in Your History and Government Courses

Workshop Speaker: Chris Burkett

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About This Workshop

Textbooks are almost always boring and biased. So how can you get your students to learn more about history and government without making them hate those subjects? The Ashbrook Center has been championing the use of primary sources in classrooms for over 30 years, and we will demonstrate how you can use them yourself at home with your kids too! Want to learn more about the Civil War? Let's ask Abraham Lincoln what happened. Want to understand more about the Confederacy? Read accounts from Southern leaders. History is much more interesting -- and less biased by the lens of modern scholarship -- when we read contemporary accounts from those who lived through it. During this session, Dr. Burkett will be demonstrating our teaching methods by leading participants through a historical document using the Socratic method to get participants involved in the discussion.

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