Teaching a Christian Worldview to the Next Generation

Workshop Speaker: Michael Dowling

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About This Workshop

In these confusing and troublesome times, a majority of Americans would probably agree with many of the following statements:
♦ Truth is found inside each of us, so it can be different for everyone. ♦ Gender is a decision.
♦ All spiritual paths lead to God. ♦ Intolerance is always wrong. ♦ Happiness is the goal of life.
♦ Sin is an unhealthy, outdated concept. ♦ People should have the right not to be offended.
♦ Organized religions do more harm than good.

How are parents and grandparents to fulfill their God-given responsibility to teach a Christian worldview to the next generation in today’s increasingly unbiblical culture? Drawing on their pre-conversion experiences in the New Age Movement and the occult, Michael and Sarah help parents, grandparents, and teens recognize and combat the false spiritual narratives that pervade contemporary culture. Their use of their award-winning book Frog’s Rainy-Day Story and Other Fables to clarify points makes this a most enlightening and entertaining seminar!

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