How to Teach with Living Books

How to Teach with Living Books is part of this year’s Homeschool 101 track (sponsored by WORLD News Group and Operation Christmas Child).

Imagine a homeschool centered on books that are so interesting or thought-provoking that you would read them even if you didn’t have to. Those books are living books, and they come in every subject. Living books present a feast of great ideas in such a delightful way that students understand, remember, and even learn to care about what they are learning.

Join us to learn what living books are, why they are so effective, and ways to use them to study history, geography, science, the arts, life skills, and more. You’ll learn how narration, drawing, and model-based writing work with living books to build communication and thinking skills in an organic, memorable way. You’ll take home the confidence that you can teach in a way that helps your children love to learn.