Stinking Thinking: Recognizing Cognitive Distortions in Our Kids and Ourselves to Nurture a Positive Environment f

Workshop Speaker: Sarah Wolf Fry

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About This Workshop

Have you ever had a kid tell you..."Mom, why don't we EVER do anything fun?" or "Why do they ALWAYS get more than me?" or "I'm not good at math. I'm just stupid." or "I did a bad job. I'm never trying that again." These emotional statements are called cognitive distortions - otherwise known as stinking thinking. These habits of thinking can throw a major wrench into a challenging homeschooling day. And they can shut down progress if we don't know how to navigate them. The good news is, understanding and recognizing them for what they are is half the battle of working towards more positive and productive thinking. And the truth is, parents do it too. We will talk about a list of distorted thought patterns that feel real, but can be turned around by speaking the truth to them. As we learn together to correct our stinking thinking, we can move to more productive habits of thought that can make things run a lot smoother.

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