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Saving Our Kids – Applying the Bible to the Hot-Button Issues in Culture

Workshop Speaker: Roger Wheelock

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About This Workshop

It’s been said that revival occurs when religion becomes relevant. This phrase doesn’t mean that the Church must look like, sound like, feel like, dress like, or in any other way imitate the world. It means that our faith must relate to the challenges, circumstances, and questions we all are confronted with in our day-to-day living. We must learn how to translate the Word of Scripture into real life situations.
We’re all aware of the fact that over 70% of teens who confess faith in High School abandon the faith by their 2nd year in college, … but WHY? The Barna Group asked 13-18 year-olds that very question. 60% of those teens stated that: “The church is not relevant to me”.
We must focus on teaching our kids how to connect the dots between the Bible and the Hot-Button issues of today – to inoculate them against those dangerous ideas that are tearing our culture apart!