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Q & A on Role-Playing Games and an Alternative

Workshop Speaker: Ron Smorynski

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About This Workshop

An experienced homeschool dad and role-playing gamer is here to provide critical information concerning the Woke agenda of most role-playing games. While having fond memories of these games, StorytellingRon will be warning of the huge shift of agenda. StorytellingRon will also provide an answer!. It is a 'sales pitch' for a full FREE GAME by StorytellingRon that is about families and friends playing a Christian missionary role-playing game that is fun, silly and adventurous. All free, downloadable pdfs and printer friendly game pieces! With lots of video tutorial and show support. And apologies to any offended, but this game has only two genders... the men will play and act like men, the women will have roles that are of the great strengths and qualities of women. I.E. no battle-axe wielding women! Pastoral duties will be of men, however women can certainly be great evangelists. So boys and girls will role-play their strengths and weaknesses, game wise, in this regard.