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Professor Plum in the Lounge with the Candlestick

Workshop Speaker: B.B. Gallagher

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About This Workshop

One of the most crucial things we can give our children is wonder. To be awestruck by the beauty and mysteries of the world is something that only belongs to humans. Good children's literature seeks to ignite the mystery in a child's imagination, so they can better see and relish the mysteries of life before them. Whether it be a great book series or a game like CLUE, we should ensure that our children know the most important thing they can possibly learn in their childhood. They must know that they don't know everything. They must understand that truth is something outside of themselves and worthy to be pursued with their free will. Our children are growing up around modern mantras like "this is my truth" which seek to put the individual at the center of reality rather than our Creator. It is crucial that a child's education attempts to instill the virtue of humility in their intellect. This workshop explores these concepts and posits solutions for how to expose your children to mystery.