Phonics in Motion: Why Parents are the Best Teachers

Workshop Speaker: Dr. Terry Kindervater

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About This Workshop

Who knows your child better than you do? Nobody! There is major POWER in this when it comes to teaching reading and writing; you’re set up to be the best teacher your child could ever have. Any environment can be your classroom; full of endless teachable moments and the powerful intuition to know exactly what your children need, and can effectively absorb, at any given moment. Pick up some tips to gauge your child’s readiness, or to assess struggles, so that you are prepared to meet your children’s needs as they arise. Join us in a discussion about the importance of phonemic awareness, and collect ideas on authentic strategies for the execution of FUN reading and writing lessons. You will leave this session some key tips from Dr. Terry Kindervater with Phonics in Motion on how to be confident in the development of your children's literacy journey (and instill a life-long love of learning!)

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