Perrin’s Top 100--The Classical Educator’s Reading List: What to Read and When If You Are New to Classical Education

Workshop Speaker: Dr. Christopher Perrin

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About This Workshop

Those who come into the renewal of classical education almost always feel overwhelmed when encountering a grand, long, deep tradition of learning and education. What to read? How can I possibly read through such a large list of “great books?” Where to begin? With Whom? These questions are often mixed with both excitement and anxiety. In this very practical seminar, we will consider a “top 100” list and a ten-year plan for reading deeply and without anxiety—and with friends. Every participant will be given a handout or access to a PDF containing “Perrin’s Top 100,” an annotated, ranked list of books to read with suggestions for sequencing and focusing one’s reading. Time will be set aside at the end of the seminar for discussion and questions.

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