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Organize 365® Research - The Weight Of Paper

Workshop Speaker: Lisa Woodruff

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About This Workshop

The Weight Of Paper
Aren’t we supposed to be paperless by now?!
People in the 21st century are not able to live life to their full potential and they struggle to reach their goals on a daily or weekly basis. Organize 365® believes this may be due to a lack of organization in the home. We discuss findings from Organize 365®’s recent research and explore the work being done at home.
In this presentation we will dive into the Weight of Paper:
1. Why are we not living in the paperless future that was promised to us?
2. What is the benefit to writing down our thoughts, to dos and ideas?
3. How can we create simple systems to be able to retrieve our papers when we need them?
4. How much paper do we actually need to keep and why?
Paper is powerful. We can have LESS paper, but we will never in America be paperless. Once we embrace these realities, we can develop realistic expectations & simple systems to collect and retrieve your most important ideas and papers in minutes.
Organize 365® believes organization is a teachable and learnable skill. Join us as we discuss what may be keeping you from getting organized and how to overcome those barriers.