One Size Does Not Fit All! Tips and Tricks for Adapting Curriculum for Struggling or Special Needs Learners

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About This Workshop

Homeschooling can seem so simple. You did well in school, and usually behaved yourself well enough, so how hard can teaching be? Buy a whiteboard and dry-erase markers, hang a wall map and some posters in your dining room, and go to work. But then real life intervenes. Your wiggler and your giggler can't seem to settle; books and worksheets send your struggling reader into orbit; your otherwise complacent children raise the flag of revolt; and you find yourself face-planted before the Lord. What happens when your children don’t fit the mold? How do you respond when their learning style is the precise opposite of yours? Join Julia Nalle, mother to three adopted and two biological kids, co-writer of BiblioPlan and teacher for 35-plus years, as she facilitates an honest and heartfelt discussion for parents who are scratching their heads over their struggling or special needs learners. In this session she will discuss some of the reasons why your child may be struggling and share practical, fun strategies for helping your child.

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