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Moms Raising Sons to Be Men - Insights into Adolescence

Workshop Speaker: Rhonda Stoppe

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About This Workshop

The first time Rhonda taught this message for moms raising boys was at a homeschool convention. The room was filled to capacity with standing room only. As Rhonda spoke moms hung on her every word. Afterward mother after mom came to ask for insights into their own journey as a mom guiding their sons toward manhood. From this experience Rhonda knew she needed to write a book to mentor moms in this incredible ministry of raising sons to men. Upon publication her book: Moms Raising Sons to Be Men became a best seller - because moms are desperate for mentors. Rhonda homeschooled so she gets it! She’s raised 2 sons and 2 daughters. Her boys grew up to become: one a fighter pilot and the other a worship leader (her eldest son is adopted). This seminar will encourage and inspire moms who are desperate to help guide their sons toward a life of purpose and passion. With practical insights, humor and biblical principles this seminar will give you the hope and inspiration you're looking for as a mom homeschooling her son. (Visit NoRegretsWoman.com to watch to Rhonda's Mothers of Sons interview at Focus on the Family.