Loving the Things That Are Lovely: How to Cultivate Affection for the True, Good, and Beautiful in Our Students is part of this year’s Classical Homeschooling track (sponsored by Medi-Share).

Augustine, following Plato, argues that education should largely be a matter of teaching children to love that which is lovely. In this seminar, Dr. Perrin will explore the tradition that sees the education of younger children largely as a matter of cultivating the taste or affection of the true, good, and beautiful. The seminar will begin with the tradition of this educational philosophy (noting writers such as Plato, Augustine, C.S. Lewis, Charlotte Mason, and James K.A. Smith) and then explore the concrete practices that will enable students to not just be lovers of learning, but also lovers of the true, the good, and the beautiful. The seminar will conclude with a period for questions and answers.