Little People with Big Emotions - Emotional Regulation Tools for the Whole Family

Workshop Speaker: Sarah Wolf Fry

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About This Workshop

It's no secret that kids can have some pretty big emotions. And sometimes they can trigger our own emotions! It can be such a helpless feeling to have a child who is struggling emotionally when we don't know what to do or where to begin. Is this a discipline issue? Is it stress? Am I parenting wrong?

There is no magic pill to take away the intense times of parenting, but there are some awesome tools that we can use to help us and our kids navigate those big emotions. Emotional regulation is one of the most useful tools we can give to our kids. And although it isn't necessarily an easy path, the rewards are so worth it. Sometimes just understanding what is going on during an emotional spell can help us to make practical and calming decisions.

Emotions are not meant to be stuffed or ignored. They are powerful gifts that can guide us to better understanding ourselves and our kids.

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