An Introduction to Effective Socratic Discussion: Why We Do It and How to Do It Well is part of this year’s Classical Homeschooling track (sponsored by Medi-Share).

Mortimer Adler once said, “A lecture is an exercise where the notes of the teacher become the notes of the student without passing through the minds of either.” How can classical educators avoid the folly of such lecturing and lead discussions so that both the mind of the teacher and the minds of the students are fully engaged and illuminated by a growing, gradual perception of truth?

In this seminar, Dr. Perrin will address why classical educators must learn the skill of Socratic teaching. He will also describe three approaches to leading a Socratic discussion, noting various advantages and disadvantages associated with each and ultimately advocating a method that assumes the existence of knowable truth and the guidance of a skilled, wise teacher. The seminar will conclude with a period for questions and answers.